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vipa board heading
tile floor

Shower Tray Former with Square Grate

(Requires Tiles)

tile floor

Shower Tray Former with Linear Grate

(Requires Tiles)

vinyl floor

Shower Tray Former with Round Grate

(Requires Vinyl Floor)

tile floor

Shower Tray Raising Plinth

(Used to Raise Tray Former)

Our suite of wetroom shower tray products is the perfect solution for creating a tileable shower tray and wetroom area. Our shower trays, like our tilebacker boards, are made from waterproof XPS and coated in an alkaline reinforced cementitious hard coat. Manufactured in our purpose-built 30,000 sq ft we have tailored manufacturing lines to speed up our production processes and achieve the best quality finish and products.  Our Trent and Thames shower trays are fitted with a factory-fitted gasket which acts as a secondary waterproof membrane. Both trays have a secondary under-tile drainage channel and the option for a “tile into” shower grate to achieve that ultra-clean finish needed in modern showers.

Wetroom and Shower Tray for Tiles and Vinyl Floor Finishes Tray Formers

VipaTrays are lightweight, waterproof, robust shower tray formers manufactured using high-density XPS as its core element, with a factory-applied reinforced cementitious coating that creates an impact-resistant ready-to-tile surface. VipaTrays provide the perfect solution for the creation of “walk-in” level access shower areas and modern wetroom environments.

To satisfy the performance requirements of modern wetrooms the VipaTray range is produced in distinct performance categories offering a choice of technical benefits to suit the unique nature of each wetroom project. The VipaTray Thames and VipaTray Trent form the range, providing improved performance. Increased resistance to point loading enables the use of mosaic tiles as small as 20mm x 20mm. Increased flow capacity and under tile drainage make the Thames and Trent range the perfect solution to suit the most demanding wetroom project.

Replacing unsightly old-fashioned acrylic shower trays and bathtubs, and converting tired-looking en-suite rooms and bathrooms into beautiful modern wetroom environments is incredibly easy with PCS products. Installing a PCS wetroom system provides complete peace of mind. VipaBoard thermal construction boards and VipaTray shower formers are produced in a vast range of sizes and thicknesses. Our range of performance fixings and waterproofing materials designed for use with VipaBoard and VipaTray will ensure that your wetroom project is constructed using materials of the highest quality.

VipaTrays are robust shower tray formers that can be trimmed to suit site-specific dimensions if necessary. The ability to trim the VipaTray allows the installer to overcome minor on-site dimensional discrepancies. The VipaTray range incorporates over 43 different tray configurations available with a comprehensive range of ancillary materials to complete your installation.