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Bespoke Tileable Shower Enclosures to Industry

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PCS Tileable Shower Enclosures are designed to provide stunning looks with an invigorating showering experience. The low maintenance enclosures comprise pre-fabricated panels which are supplied as a flat-pack unit. The designer-inspired structures provide a unique bathing solution for both residential and commercial installations. Our standard range comprises circular and spiral shower enclosures and each have shower trays designed to fit the exact shape of the curved wall structure. The prefabricated units have a concealed service void for the routing of pipes and the fitting of mixer valves and showerheads etc. The free-standing panels which form the wall structure are accurately machined from solid high-density polystyrene. The panels are assembled using a special “fillet” system during installation. The high-density expanded polystyrene panels are coated with our specially formulated reinforced cement coating and are supplied ready to receive tiles or other suitable finishes.

Manufacturing the modular panels from solid polystyrene ensures that we have a high level of dimensional accuracy, which helps maximize the impact of the unit ensuring neat flowing lines are maintained at all times. The constructed units have complete thermal and structural integrity. Bespoke enclosures, specifically and individually designed for your project, can be manufactured by PCS ensuring that quality and dimensional accuracy is maintained. A comprehensive set of drawings and fitting instructions is supplied with all enclosures.

As well as our standard round and spiral tileable shower enclosures, we also create bespoke shower features and enclosures as stand-alone structures or incorporated into larger projects. The project above illustrates a shower enclosure with discreet niches incorporated into a larger steam room unit (also created by PCS) with a complimentary sink area. All our spa and wellness products are made from high-grade XPS which has a high compactive strength yet still retains its lightweight features making it very easy to install. Having made plenty of similar structures for our commercial partners we have a wealth of experience co-designing with our industry partners to create the perfect spa experience.

We can create technical drawings and 3D rendered visuals where required to aid in the presentation and design of your commercial spa or shower enclosure installation. Understanding the tile sizes and thickness of a project, we can also advise on the best profile and design to enable maintenance and trouble-free installation for you and your customer. Our industry partners return to us time and time again for this level of service and wealth of knowledge.

The XPS core that we use to create our spa and wellness elements is incredibly versatile. It can be cut and sculpted into a range of shapes. Highly compressive and rigid, it also can be used to create freestanding units and can also be reinforced for additional strength when needed. Units can also be created with or without roofing elements or created to line the inside of a room or wellness area.

With a vast array of large and small-scale projects already under our belt, leading spa and wellness installers, architects, and hotel leisure chains constantly approach us to turn their concepts into a reality. The thermal retention properties of XPS also enable spa areas to retain heat or cold based on their own thermal requirements. With a cementitious reinforced alkaline coating, curved areas can easily accept mosaic tiles or rendered finishes or a mixture of both.