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Round Tileable Shower Enclosures

Modular Standard Shower Cubicles & Bespoke Purpose-Built Enclosures

CNC machined panels are manufactured from solid polystyrene and coated with a special polymer-modified, reinforced cement coating. Each enclosure is supplied as a modular unit that is rigid and robust and easy to install. A concealed service void, for the secure fixing of pipes and mixer valves, is built within the panelling. Simply erect the panels, waterproof the joints, install your shower hardware and tile. Controlled and dimensionally accurate panels manufactured to specific curves and radii. Conventional materials such as square blocks or angular timber usually mean a compromise in the surface finish. With a PCS enclosure “curved” means “precision curved.”

Product ID




Qty 2x Pre curved wall panels
Qty 1x Precurved wall panel with concealed void
Qty 1x Tilebacker cover plate
Qty 1x Base template for accurate positioning of panels

Panel Height – 2400mm
Service void depth – 75mm
Panel Thickness 82 – 116mm


Qty 1x Wall panel fixing kit


Qty 1x Tray fixing kit (includes drain body)

Bespoke Shower Experiences

Used in a wide range of environments, our sprial and round spa experience shower enclosures are a standard profile and design. Manufacturing for spa and wellness since 2003, PCS has a wealth of experience in creating bespoke shower experience environments for spa, fitness & leisure centres, hotels & resorts. As bespoke wellness manufacturers, we liaise with our industry partners, designers, and installers to meet their specific requirements. This symbiosis with designers and installers has become our complete business model and as a result, we do not deal directly with end installation customers.

PCS spa elements and architectural profiles are manufactured using robust, thermally efficient, high-density polystyrene that is specially formulated for use as a robust construction material. The PCS spa elements and architectural profile range is extensive and varies greatly in form, from the creation of PCS standard modular seating units through to complex multi radii ceiling structures. All PCS elements and profiles have a specially formulated cementitious reinforced surface coating ready to receive a final decorative finish such as tiles or plaster.

PCS spa elements and profiles are used extensively in the construction of spa environments and are suitable for internal and external use. The products are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery ensuring a high degree of dimensional accuracy with structural and thermal integrity. For projects that require a simple solution, we offer a range of standard bench seating profiles and construction panels that can be easily installed into an existing structure to suit site conditions. For projects that require a free-standing, self-supporting structure, manufactured to a specific design and dimensions, we will construct the complete assembly in our factory. It is then checked for quality and accuracy before being dismantled and delivered to the site in kit form, ready for installation. The kit is supplied complete with detailed assembly drawings and instructions with all necessary installation materials.

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