Thermal Swimming Pool Insulation

PCS work with many professionals within the Spa and Wellness and leisure industry. Specialists in Swimming Pool Insulation, our manufacturing experience in the wellness industry also includes the fabrication of individually designed hot tubs, swim spas and hydrotherapy pools. Vitality spas, hot tubs and hydrotherapy pools are fabricated using the same robust materials used in the manufacturing of PCS wellness structures and spa elements. High-performance materials that include high-density XPS and EPS profiles coated with a cement reinforced coating and specialist waterproofing materials, are specifically chosen to provide a high-performance product.

The choices for jet configuration, lighting, and water features, that can be included into the structure are discussed before fabrication begins with the wellness designer/specialist, and are incorporated into the design to suit the clients’ requirements. The unique specification, size and shape for the spa can be manufactured to requirements. In addition, endless possibilities for tile finishes provide a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind spa customer experience.

thermal swimming pool insulation
Tiles . . . or a waterproof render can be applied as a finishing surface
Tile Adhesive Coat . . . or a waterproof render can be applied as a finishing surface
Hard Coat
Structural Reinforcement Mesh
Adhesive Coat
Joint Waterproofing
Insulated XPS Wall Section
Insulated XPS Base Panel
Existing Concrete Pool Wall
Existing Concrete Pool Floor
Tile Adhesive
Tile Adhesive

Co-Design and Fabrication

PCS can co-design and build thermal spa pool environments to meet your requirements. Our CAD design team have lots of experience with wellness and pool manufacture and are available to assist you.