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PCS are Steamroom and Spa Manufacturers to Industry, fabricating self-supporting wellness structures that are supplied to and installed by specialist companies that offer installation, supply, and service into the spa and leisure industries. The initial concept for the wellness area or structure is usually provided by the “Specialist Spa Company”. PCS works collaboratively with the Spa Industry providing support, technical advice, CAD drawings, and installation instructions for each individual structure. As one of the Premier Commercial steam room fabrication specialists, we enjoy close relationships with Professional Designers, installers, and Specialist Spa Companies around the Globe.

Wellness structures and Spa Elements are manufactured using ultra high density EPS and XPS which provide excellent technical performance such as high insulation, lightweight and waterproof structures with cement coated surfaces providing great adhesion for tiles, and flexible render systems.

A comprehensive range of fixing materials is supplied with each project. These materials have been developed to ensure the secure and watertight installation of the units and the completed project. Free-standing modular systems promote extremely fast construction times reducing installation time and the high costs associated with traditional site work.

Whether it is a one-off steam room pod or a range of individually designed bathroom pods for a prestigious residential development, PCS is here to help.

In addition to our standard range of products, PCS offers a bespoke service ideal for projects that require individual specifications. Working with architects, designers, specifiers, builders, and developers, PCS designs and manufactures bespoke products tailored to suit individual project requirements. All we need is your ideas and we do the rest. Using modern design technology and modern building materials, great products can be manufactured accurately – on time – to budget. The greatest attention to detail is made both in the planning and execution of any produced spa elements. Whether it’s standard off-the-shelf seating or complex geometric forms, we work closely with our customers to ensure the end product is engineered and manufactured accurately. Installing pre-fabricated PCS structures will significantly reduce on-site installation costs.

Many of today’s construction projects have demanding time constraints which can result in costly contractual penalties should the project not complete on time. As Steamroom and Spa Manufacturers and pre-assembling our structures in the factory we ensure that erection time on site is minimal and many of the quality issues associated with site work are eliminated.

We manufacture for a global network of installers and have created 100’s of different wellness installations. From Turkish steam rooms, hammams, tepidariums, salt rooms, and relaxation areas to domestic wetrooms. We liaise with installers/agents and also directly with clients to ensure the manufactured wellness elements meet their requirements. Our standard electrical heating systems are Teflon coated twin element resistant wires, with tinned copper earth and a PVC outer jacket, which is then routed into our wellness elements and encased in a protective cement coating. Enabling us to heat organic curved shapes and surfaces to make unique and desirable spa and wellness installations.

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