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vipa wedge panel

Vipa Wedge Panel sloping tilebacker boards are insulated waterproof construction panels manufactured to create a slope for water drainage. Manufactured with a natural gradient, Vipa Wedge Panel is ideally suited for projects where falls to floor need to be created over existing level floors, in environments such as wetrooms, balconies, roof terraces, etc.

A tough surface coating provides the perfect surface for the application of tiles. Creating accurate falls over long distances is easily achieved by using VipaBoard as a raising course.

sloping tile backer construction board
Falls over large areas can be achieved using VipaBoard beneath Vipa Wedge Panel.
Vipa Wedge Panel is fitted using a cementitious adhesive.
Vipa Wedge Panel has a tough cement surface coating which is tile ready.
large area sloping tile backer board v2

VipaWedge has a manufactured slope of 1% to enable water drainage on flat surface areas.

balcony wedge board
sloping tilebacker balcony floor tiling v1
balcony sloping tile backer board