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Commercial Steamroom & Caldarium
Manufacturing to Industry

PCS specializes in the design and manufacture of Commercial Steam Rooms & Caldariums. Each commercial steam room, caldarium, tepidarium, and relaxation experience we design and produce, be it free-standing units or units to line the inside of a pre-constructed room, are all constructed from PCS thermal construction elements. The XPS we use is compressive resistant to 30 tonnes, but at the same time, it is lightweight and easy to use. Easy to sculpt and cut XPS elements can be sculpted into a range of shapes and designs. The XPS is coated and detailed CAD drawings are issued to the customer for approval before manufacture to ensure that the units match the specification and dimensional requirements. The Commercial Steam Rooms & Caldariums are pre-assembled and approved at our factory prior to disassembly and despatch. The structures are supplied as flat pack elements that can be quickly and easily erected on site.

Comprehensive installation instructions and assembly drawings, together with all necessary adhesives, fixings, and waterproofing materials are included in the final package. By manufacturing and preassembling each structure in our factory, we ensure that installation time on site is greatly minimized and many of the quality issues associated with site work are eliminated.

alambique steamroom design 05
alambique steamroom design 08
alambique steamroom design 06
Steamroom Project REF:SR-PCS01

Part of a larger wellness and spa installation, this particular steamroom incorporates a large two tier seating area with an incorporated lounger. Organic flowing lines in the tiered seating, round the corner seating and into the lounger make for a fantastic design statement. The entrance is faced by a complimentary shower with double niches flanked with a pillared basin and stand. By utilising the pillar space, shelving was also incorporated to the outside of the structure to house towels and robes prior to entry. Clever use of lighting both around the shower area and seating takes this fantastic design to a whole other level.

steam room anapos spa
steam room anapos steam room
steam room anapos alpine
Steamroom Project REF:SR-PCS02

This particular steam room was part of a larger spa and wellness installation which was complimented with a similarly themed, experience shower area. Fantastic use of colour changing back lighting, following the contours of the seating profiles and around the ceiling area make this steamroom an exceptional installation. Our CAD teams liaise with customers to ensure all aspects of the design are accommodated including areas for drainage and piping, as well as floor and seat heating elements when needed.

steam room production for anapos longleat spa wellness
steamroom feature for anapos longleat spa wellness
steamroom production for anapos longleat spa wellness
Steamroom Project REF:SR-PCS03

Part of a larger wellness installation this steam room incorporated a faux rock feature which would be the focal point to the steamroom. Complimented by red strip lighting around the seat bases and red uplighters and downlighters on the centerpiece wall (where the steam was generated). The centerpiece created a "lava rock" feature within the greater thermal rock cavern, as well as the heat created for the steamroom. These other features also made this room a fantastic visual experience.

scp portugal showroom steamroom production kent seating
scp portugal showroom steamroom production
spa steam room manufacturing
Steamroom Project REF:SR-PCS04

A Steamroom built for a Portuguese wellness center based in Lisbon, which required a refurbishment. Our Wellness Partner wanted an installation that would impress visiting customers and generate sales. Naturally they came to PCS, together we started to design and produce a practical and elegant steam room that met these requirements. Finished in a beautiful metallic effect tile the finished room really was a thing of beauty.

centerparcs Moonlight Steam Room production
centerparcs Moonlight Steam Room kent seating
centerparcs Moonlight Steam Room build
Moonlight Steamroom REF:SR-PCS05

This steam room incorporated our popular Kent seating profile and this style of seating produces a lounger style seat for a truly relaxed experience. The room was centered with a foot rest area. The Moonlight Steam Room and complimentary moonlight Shower area harness lunar lighting to transport guests through the colours and sensations of dawn and dusk.

poolside steam room installation 04
poolside steam room installation 01
poolside steam room installation 03
Steamroom Project REF:SR-PCS06

A poolside steamroom with open fronted design to incorporate a glass fronted panel and door. Created using our XPS and EPS systems with Buckingham Profile spa seating profile. Seating profiles can be modified or created from scratch for a truly bespoke design which can incorporate floor and feature lighting.