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Commercial Hammams & Tepidarium
Manufacturing to Industry

When it comes to the creation of Commercial Hammams & Tepidarium, PCS have been manufacturing all kinds of spa and wellness structures including laconiums since 2003. PCS has had the privilege of assisting various market-leading companies in the creation of some of their most prestigious spa installations. Prior to its inception, the directors of PCS have all had experience within the construction industry, specializing in the production of facades (including faux rocks) on large-scale commercial and retail projects. It is this early experience & knowledge that benefited them in their future supply partnerships with industry-leading spa designers and installers. PCS pride themselves on the quality of their steamrooms, caldariums, hammams, laconiums and tepidariums.  In the decades since its inception, PCS has created a standard range of bespoke seating profiles and loungers for relaxation and treatments within their Commercial Hammams & Tepidarium. Able to shape and form organic flowing lines with ease from a lightweight, highly compactive, and waterproof base material, our products are then coated with alkaline-resistant reinforcement mesh which is encased with a cementitious hard coat that is a superb tiling substrate.

commercial hammams and tepidarium
scp portugal brine room ceiling construction
scp portugal brine treatment tables
Hammam and Treatment Room REF:HM-PCS01

Creating an organic, free standing, spa experience environment is our speciality. Our expert CAD designers can take your concepts and turn them into practical working structures which are aesthetically pleasing, fit for purpose and at a cost effective price. At the same time supplying your installation teams with a modular easy fit XPS system with comprehensive fitting instructions, all within your timeframe and budget. Once erected you have a tile ready structure that has superb thermal properties making it the perfect spa environment.

centerparcs forest cavern treatment tepidarium production
cavern treatment tepidarium seating
centerparcs forest cavern tepidarium seating
Tepidarium Project REF:TP-PCS01

A spa and wellness refurbishment of Centerparcs Longleat for one of our design and installation partners. The project replicated a cave nestled deep within a humid forest, the Designers truly know their craft and designed a space that would be infused with pomegranate and myrrh. With the soothing background noise of trickling water, the space is designed to create a tepidarium-style heat.